[K-Drama Review] Healer



Soooo..this is new. I have never written a review before, let alone on a Korean Drama. Howeverrrr..this is an exception. I feel that my withdrawal on this one is so hard to do. I’ve been rewatching it for the umpteenth time now. It’s crazy!

Healer was broadcasted almost 4 months ago and finished airing in February. I downloaded it after it aired for fiveΒ  episodes but i kept them on my phone for almost 2 months.

When i started watching it, i was like, what? How come i didn’t watch it right away? I got hooked instantly.

Healer is a code name for a night-errand man who gets paid for doing anything that doesn’t include killing. He claims to be the best in his job and fully supported by an ahjumma who specializes in hacking all wired computers and cameras. Healer is played by forever-dashing Ji Chan Wook 😍
The leading lady is Chae Young Shin,played by Park Min Young. Her character is an online tabloid reporter who thinks she’s got it but she’s actually pretty clueless 😁
The other main lead is Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho, a star reporter who holds a dark secret and is related to both Healer and Young Shin.

Healer is action-packed drama, with a super sweet romance, and a warmhearted bromance. I’d say that this is an entertainment at its best. I get blown away by how the writer creates characters with layers, we get to watch them revealed in each episodes. Every episode just gets better and not dragged away.

The three main leads also do one heck of a job here. I have not seen any drama or movie by Yoo Ji Tae, but i’m a fan now. No wonder he gets so many praises in his previous projects. Ms. Park is also a brilliant actress, i can never imagine another actress asΒ Chae Young Shin other than her. About Ji Chang Wook, well..let’s just say my phone is full of his pics by now πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ

Healer will stand firm on my top five Kdrama lists. It’s so damn good.
Now, anyone can heal the withdrawal syndrome?


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