Seoul Trip (Part 1)

My interest (more like an obsession, actually 😅) in many things Korean  has made me dream of really visiting South Korea. So, one day I asked le hubby if he’d go with me to Seoul. It was not on the first attempt of asking that he said yes. Long story short,we finally booked our flight on early March. Why March? Because I didn’t want to go in Winter and we got a bargain price for regular carrier,  Malaysia Airlines.

The process of applying for Visa was hassle-free, within a few weeks I got the hotel and an ambitious itinerary ready. We were going to stay for 4 days in Seoul and 1 day in Jeju-do.

2 days before the D-day, MH370 tragedy happened. We freaked out a lil bit, not because we were afraid that something similar might happen again, but we’re worried our flight got cancelled. Thankfully, everything went okay. We took off from Jakarta on Monday evening and arrived in Incheon Int’l Airport on Tuesday Morning (we stopped by in KLIA for 2 hrs). Annyeong,Seoul!

I almost could not believe that  I finally stepped my feet on Korean soil.  I was so ecstatic and nervous..norak yaaa :))))

We took the airport bus to our hotel, GS hotel in Jongno district. We decided to stay at this hotel after reading some great reviews on Trip Advisor. It took 1 hour from the airport to Jongno District in Seoul. We took off the bus and walked a bit to get to the GS hotel.

The hotel was small and hidden in an alley, but the room was nice and clean. It had a bathroom filled with complete amenities, even face cream and hair mask! We were even allowed to check in very early that day. Value for money, indeed.

That day we planned to go to Gwanghamun Square, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and just roam around Bukchon Village, or if possible visit another palace, Changdeokgung.

It was a cold afternoon, spring had not really sprung and winter’s coolness still lingered. We walked from the hotel to Gwanghamun square instead of taking subway. I was so happy to breath in Seoul’s air. Call me weird, but even the air tasted different. The trees were leaveless, but they didn’t look unpretty at all. Ah, I was like a girl in love.

We didn’t get to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace (closed on Tuesday) & Bukchon Village  that day, we didn’t even go to any traditional village for the whole trip. So sad.

Anyeong, Seoul!

Anyeong, Seoul!

Gyeongbokgung. Closed on tuesday.  Research much, ha?

Gyeongbokgung. Closed on tuesday. Research much, ha?

Could you tell how happy I was?

Could you tell how happy I was?

Oh so grand.

Oh so grand.

Strolling down Seoul's street

Strolling down Seoul’s street

The Secret Garden at Changdeokgung. Misteriously pretty.

The Secret Garden at Changdeokgung. Misteriously pretty.

Idunnothename..but it was on the way to Dongdaemun.

Idunnothename..but it was on the way to Dongdaemun.

Dongdaemun, ready to serve you 'till dawn!

Dongdaemun, ready to serve you ’till dawn!

Since Gyeongbokgung was closed that day, we ended up strolling down the city streets to Changdeokgung. This is also one of many palaces situated in Seoul. We planned to catch to English-guided tour of the famous secret garden. Secret Garden is part of Changdeokgung, a very large park with ponds and smaller palaces inside.

We spent the entire afternoon in the palace and had lunch in a small coffee shop near Changdeokgung. One thing I love about Seoul is the coffee shop. It has lots of coffee shops, and cute interiors just add the loveliness of those places.

At night, we went to Doota in Dongdaemun, just for the sake of curiosity. Doota is a fashion district in Dongdaemun, open for almost 24 hours. Talking about passion for Korean fashion, you’ll be amazed here. We just had dinner at Coffee Bean and went back to hotel. Two sleepy heads just could not take it anymore. :))


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