So..i’ve been obssesed in love with all things Korean. My first crack was actually started by something remotely Korean, Meteor Garden Series (it was a Taiwanese TV Series) back in 2000. I started to watch many drama series made in northern part of Asia since then, but nothing hooked me like Korean Dramas. It was Winter Sonata, continued with Autumn in My Heart, and there was Full House starring Rain & Song Hye Kyo. Boom, I was falling hard.

I can not describe which part of the Korean Drama that got me so deep. The unique story lines? beautiful casts? lovely wardrobes? maybe all of ’em, although some dramas were excruciatingly painful to watch because of the story-dragging parts but I always come back for more. Always.

There were some periods of time that I didn’t watch any dramas at all, but before too long I got back in the game. Hahaha, talking about this feels like unleashing a part of me that I’m always hesitant to show. Not many people know how watching dramas has been a way to keep my sanity intact. :)))

I love how easy the access to watch the dramas these days. Countless of streaming websites, even some of them provide downloadable version of the series. I love world wide web!

From the dramas, along came my attraction to other things Korean : music and cultures. The dramas do not only serve one purpose which is to entertain, but they have become a perfect introduction to Hallyu or Korean Wave. Not only I know the actors and actresses, I watch and download their dramas, I listen to their music and I even begin to love their bibimbap.

I have one desire to speak the language, but what I lack is the time and the effort. But, maybe 2 years from now I’d be able to post something here in hangul.Β  Who knows rite?

If you ask me what dramas to watch, I’d probably have hard time to answer, because there are soooo many of them. I haven’t watched all of them but I know some great series that stay forever in my heart. (I’m that emo when it comes to dramas, I know)

Here are some that I’d love to watch in any rainy days, you know when you need to feel good.. πŸ™‚

when it comes to music, I don’t really fancy the K-Pop stars like Super Junior or Girls Generation, not that they’re not good, but I honestly think that if people only assume that Korean music scene are nothing more than boybands & girlbands, then people miss out a lot. Korean music are so amazingly various in terms of genres and styles.

I listen CNBlue (ha!) , Acoustic Collabo, Ra.D, Akdong Musician, Davichi and solo singer like Lyn, Juniel, Roy Kim and even the singer/actress IU.

After years of obsession love, I finally got to step my feet on south korean soil last March. Boy, i was beyond excited. Gonna tell you about it all on my upcoming posts. ’till then, annyeong!


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