I just lost a friend. A younger friend, died from a homicide. Never crossed my mind before that anyone i know would die because someone else brutally ended her/his life. A very tragic story.
She was a dear friend of my sister, so she became a friend for me too. She had 2 very young sons. My heart still aches everytime i think of them, of how they will grow up without a mother.

How ill someone could be that he could just kill another human being? She was killed with the presence of her parents and children, a pure horror.
So many ugly things in our life, i’m scared not just for myself but for my kids as well. My deepest fear is that i probably can’ t protect them forever. There will be times they will be on their own and the thought gets me heartbroken.

I hope and pray that her children will grow up happily and always loved, just like what i pray for Danish & Sofia.


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