So, what’s up?

I’ve been meaning to write like a LOT, but it seemed that i didn’t get further motivation to actually do it. sigh.
Sooo, my baby boy is apparently no longer a baby. He’ll be turning 3 next November. Time is so cruel!
He will also be a big bro next month! woohoo..
Here comes a sweet pinky news, the newest member of the family will be a girl!Don’t get me wrong, I looooove having a son, but i gotta admit, a girl is just too cute, with all the pinkies and dresses and ribbons. I’ll be pinkies overdosed.

The pregnancy has been very smooth, until i got my routine blood check up last week. I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Bad news. This is a common condition during pregnancy where level of glucose in your blood is above normal/too high. it can affect the baby if not treated/controlled properly. So, until the labor day i must change my eating habit and make sure my glucose level is close to normal. It’s also a wake up alarm for me, since a mother with a GD during pregnancy has a greater risk to develop an actual diabetes later in life. Hiks.

I and Wisnu finally agree on the name for the little one. SK is the initial. Wisnu was having doubts initially but now, he kinda loves the name and accidentally told my parents. So much for a surprise.

On Danish, he is growing so fast and keeps us amazed every single day. Here are some things should be noted:
– He is picky when it comes to food. His meal portion is not small, but he’s a bit resistant to new dishes.
– He rides 4-wheeled bike! hoorayy..
– He loves cars and trains.
– Lately, he’s more clingy to me. Dunno if it’s because of the fact that his little sister is coming shortly. There are times when he seems to accept my pregnancy very well, but there are also times when he becomes so ignorant and refuses to talk about his little sibling. We gotta find a way to deal with this soon.

That’s all so far. I’ll catch up later.


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