Gift and grief.

It’s been almost 6 months i practically left this blog unattended.
Words have been dried. Lost with every laughter and tears.
So many things had happenned along this 5 months. Some are happy, and few are not.
First things first. Our little family will no longer be just us three. A little one is coming soon insyaAllah. We’ve been very surprised and thrilled at the same time. Especially me. This time, the pregnancy is quite too hot to handle. First trimester was..tiring and full of puking here and there. Boy, i never saw it coming, my first pregnancy was very easy like a sunday morning.

Anyway, alhamdulillah it passed and now i’m in the middle 2nd trimester. A lot more laid back pregnancy we have this time. I hope everything is just fine and the baby grows healthy and strong. It’s so true what people say that every pregnancy is different, i feel more relaxed but easily get tired. Eating is easier these days but i just can’t stuff myself with too much food for i’ll be bloathed very fast. I can’t drink milk. I don’t take my vitamins regularly. Hiks, sorry baby..mama has been bad. Please stay healthy. We can’t wait to meet you. 4 more months!

The pregnancy has been making us on top of the world..alhamdulillah..we feel so blessed and trusted. But Allah gives and also takes. We recently lost ibu, my mother in law. She had been sick for quite sometimes. The degree of her sickness was escalating everytime we ran her to the hospital. Allah knows best, we’re sure it’s the best for her and our family.

Gift and grief, so far what this year has offered to us. We hope for the best to come, men do make plans but Allah will decide.


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