1. LOVE watching tv! big time…before Danish, i could stay in front of tv like a dead fish. We’re not talking about local tv, i can’t stand uber-dramatic s**tnetron we have these days. My favorite shows range from crime-solving series, cooking shows, reality tv, and talent scouting shows. I could zap back and forth almost all channels, all day long. Now, watching my preferred tv shows is a luxury, since Danish would scream at us begging for baby tv back on screen.

2. Am too lazy to cook, but if i have to, i think i can pull some recipes and come out rather nice. My current obsession is baking! our microwave oven is said able to do some baking, but i want a real oven. I’m still looking for the right one before making a purchase decision. As for our daily meal, i rest my case upon the skillful Mba Ita at home šŸ™‚

3.Love leather stuff, especially bags! I love the sensation of wearing a leather bag, the smell of it, the texture.

4. Am fashion-illiterate. I don’t do fashion, i wear what i like and what i think is comfy.

5. Enjoy sleeping. a lot. Sleeping is like a vacation. Waking up from a nice sleep gives a happy-content feeling.


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