Life on The Train

Writing this,I’m sitting with probably 100 other people on the train to home. I love this mode of transportation. It’s fast,cheap,and safe. No worries about traffic and no more yells or swears on bikes and metrominis. Only 30mins or less,and voila! I’m home..
Well, sometimes the schedule can be off, but I can’t complain. What matters is getting home fast,before Danish’ bedtime.

It’s nice to watch people on this train,we don’t know each other but it feels like that we share a common thing : we’re survivors. We choose train because we want to survive living in Jakarta with its awful traffic and messy public transportation. It’s actually nice to have an option.

Hopefully, in the near future Jakarta will have subway or anything close to that. One of the answers to traffic problem is a better public transportation.

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2 thoughts on “Life on The Train

  1. wah alhamdulillah ya perjalanan naik kereta cm 30 menit πŸ™‚ kalo naik kendaraan sendiri, bisa sampe berapa jam tuh ya? jakarta oh jakarta…

    -arek suroboyo

  2. kalo naik mobil, bisa 2 jam sampe rumah..*lapkeringet*

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