fired up!

Have you been so inspired?I recently have. I never know I could feel this way, it’s like self-discovery, self-reinvention..halahh.. 🙂
The why question will bring me back to baby son. He is the major source of my boosting mood lately. In my previous post I wrote that he has literally changed my world. He makes me reprioritize what’s important and less important. Along the way, he makes me figure out what I want exactly in my life. I’m not saying my husband or other significant people in my life have failed to do so. It’s just that no one has forced me this far. And I forever thank my son for what he does.
My gratitude also goes to twitter!yes,that little blue bird. The hype social media has ‘introduced’ me to many inspiring and motivated people who micro-blogged their thoughts and make other people relate to their own being. I can’t name the people one by one, but what they shared on twitterverse had made me think,reflect,and decide. I think it’s huge.
I really hope I get to feel inspired every day for the rest of my life. I love my new me. It’s actually fun to know what you want and feel confident about your goals.
One day,I’ll share my dreams, the dreams that eventually become real. InsyaAllah.

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