MDA is my son’s initial. He’s 6 month old last may. He has been a new star in my life, he’s literally my reason to live rite now. It’s corny, i know, but it’s true.

I got married in June 2003, i was 24 back then. I got everything planned out, including getting pregnant 2 years after getting married. Plan is merely human’s. Divine intervention stepped in. I didn’t get pregnant after 2 years, 3 years, ..and after 5 years, i was haunted by this super scary thoughts inside my head : What if ….?how should we deal with it?

March 2009, my..i don’t know, probably my eighty something test-packs. there were those lines, the famous two red lines. I was numb.  didn’t really digest the situation back then.  I and my hubby rushed to a doctor, and we saw him, a tiny black dot on the srcreen, we both smiled, the biggest one. I cried when i phoned my mom and told her.

9 months later, 28 November 2009, we finally met him : Danish, means wisdom.  I never know that such a small person can turn your world upside down, kick yourself together, make you feel so real. He does that to me. I guess, he’ll never stop doing that. I don’t mind, i love being what he has made me. I love you my son, beyond words.
I once read these wise words: u never know what has been missing untill it arrives. Definitely so true!



2 thoughts on “MDA

  1. wow!
    Sebelumnya met kenal yaaa mba *jabattangan*
    almost 6year ya mba diksh titipan *haru*
    Semoga akupun diksh titipan anak sm Allah swt. Amin.

    Keep on writing mba 🙂

    • salam kenal *cipikacipiki* 😉
      iyaa, 6 tahun menunggu, but it’s all worth it!
      amiennn, semoga dirimu segera diberi yaa..

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